"The time spent with Peter during our singing lessons has always been a deep experience of sharing more than a simple lesson. He is able to guide you over the limits you think you have in your voice, tailoring every lesson around your needs and therefore enabling you to improve not only your singing technique but also your self-confidence. And he also taught me the basics of the piano so I can practice at home...or just relax singing my favourite song! THANK YOU PETER!"

(Davide B.)

 "I would never have thought it possible that I could sing anything solo in public. Yet through his encouragement and tailored teaching approach, Peter has raised my confidence to the point where I can lead singing in a public setting." 
(Peter S.) 

"I highly recommend Peter. He is great with my girls. Always approaches the piano lesson, in a very creative way. Keeps things interesting and inspiring. " (Liz P.)


"Peter has really been helping my daughter shape her music and her musicality with technical work and working on pieces that she really enjoys. The thing I like about Peter is, he doesn't make my daughter feel bad about her mistakes. He supports her and they laugh together when she makes a bad move and he really helps her to figure out what the pieces mean. Peter is an extremely talented musician and pianist with very effective teaching methods." (Maryam C.)


“So informative - a lecture combined with the gusto and vibe of a jamming session!”

(Cath M.)

“A fun and imaginative way of learning all about finding your voice! Using various mediums to explore rhythm and sound. A great way to learn.” (Sarah T.)

“I’ve found the sessions so helpful and I’ve been told my singing has got better and from that my confidence.” (Cecilia d M)

"My son really enjoys his music
lessons with Peter. He is engaged and
happy to have his piano lessons each
week. Peter is patient and reliable
and Ralph has made solid progress
under his tuteledge. " (Karen B.)


"Peter has taught piano to my 6 and
9-year-old boys with dedication and
enthusiasm. He teaches using a
variety of techniques, which has kept
both boys engaged and keen to learn
more!  He focuses on each child’s
interests, strengths and weaknesses,
to provide a really personal lesson. " (Monika G.)

"My children have been having music lessons with Peter for 1 year not.
We started as they were having difficulty singing in tune. Over the year they have all improved in their singing skills as well as learning basic theory and some keyboard. I am very happy with their progress. My 10 year old has also some challenging behaviour which Peter manages without difficulty. "
(Dymphna de M)


"Our two eldest daughters have been learning piano with Peter & we have been equally impressed with Peter's teaching style and patience as they have been getting started with the piano. We would thoroughly recommend Peter to any parents of young children taking their first steps into music learning. Thank you, Peter!!!!!" (Lourdes H.)