Listen from the heart

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

To find your voice means to articulate the most deepest, most true, yet most hidden parts of your self. I created Voice Jam to show that the Voice is the whole of the human person, and that our singing voice is but a part of how we articulate ourselves. This process starts with listening from the heart.

At my Voice Jam masterclass, participants engage with a variety of singing techniques designed to help them discover their singing voices. Crucially, they study physiological and musicological factors linked to a deeper understanding of how the singing voice functions. Participants universally discover a greater degree of control over the problems they struggle with, when using their voice, and deeper joy in singing.

The journey of looking for your voice manifests beautiful gifts for life.

"Que Que Natura, You Will Understand

Listen With Your Heart, You Will Understand"


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