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'The Voice I Am' Masterclass

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3 hour workshop for max. 5 people - £270 - Advance booking required - - 07895161518


'The Voice I Am' is a deeply creative, immersive singing workshop, ideal for participants who might say they ‘sound rusty’ but have a deep dream to sing! Dive in and, with breathtakingly originality, discover how your singing voice is weird, wonderful and beautiful. Guided by cross-cultural themes, we explore the multiple hidden connections between ancient meditational practices, Gregorian Chant notation, jazz, Early-years phonology and Japanese Ink Painting to learn about how the voice is more than just about singing, but about the whole person. From this journey, you will take away fresh energy, enthusiasm and wonder for the gift of your own unique singing voice. 


Masterclass includes:


  • Two 1.5 hour sessions with a break in between. Ideal for a small group of friends, or a family. 

  • Explore vocalisation of rhythm and sound, through various mediums.

  • Build a sonogram of your unique vocal fingerprint and vocal range, using the latest software. 

  • Breathing techniques that will leave you in a better place.

  • Gentle encouragement from a top London voice coach. 


“Voice Jam is not just about singing, it’s about the whole voice. The voice is more than just about singing. Learning about the mechanisms for the voice is really wonderful and useful.”

(Declan, Voice Jam participant, 2019)